Our Services

Power Wealth Management provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to a select group of clients. Our suite of services includes the following:

Institutional Quality Investment Management:

We provide institutional quality wealth management customized to our clients' unique goals and situations. Our portfolios are actively managed using low cost underlying investments. We utilize low cost passively managed investments in the most efficient markets and seek out alpha in actively managed funds in markets providing an opportunity. Risk management is our primary concern. We believe that a long-term investor is better off using a strategy that attempts to limit losses in a down market rather than trying to beat an up market.

Financial Planning:

There are few financial decisions that don’t affect other aspects of one’s financial life. Whether it be deciding how to fund that renovation you have always wanted, choosing to refinance a mortgage or paying off debt, each decision can have unintended consequences. As your trusted advisor we aim to become a resource for all your financial questions. Though our financial planning process we strive to understand the WHY. Once we understand why, we can focus on the how. During our in-depth planning meetings, we often create strategies around special needs funding, charitable gifting, business divestiture and long term care.

Income Planning:

Power Wealth Management provides in depth cash flow and income planning strategies. We utilize strategic “buckets” that are designed to fund income needs over certain time periods. This reduces the potential of having to sell an asset at a depressed value when income is needed. We view income planning in the context of long-term tax efficiency. In many cases, we are able to reduce the potential future tax impact of investment withdraws by creating a custom income plan utilizing multiple account types.

Charitable Giving:

Power Wealth Management has the privilege of working with many clients who give charitably each year. We provide a service to not only help our clients evaluate the charities they support, but also help them give efficiently. Some unique approaches we advise on include the following: matching roth conversions with charitable donations, gifting of appreciated securities and identifying when a qualified charitable distribution should be considered.

*We are always happy to provide seminars for local charities that help educate donors regarding maximizing their gifting.

Small Business:

We help small to midsize business evaluate their retirement plans and options. This includes working with business owners to evaluate 401k’s, Simple/SEP IRA’s, Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans.